" I know" or " the first steps in predictions and forcasting" part 2

Why do we face with such problem as no matching between obtained and the actual information?

1. You should always remember that the quality of the received informationis influenced by a number of factors:

  • Your physical condition

  • Your emotional state

  • Physical condition of a person, who come to you

  • Emotional state of a person, who come to you

  • The focus of attention of you both

  • Your ability to understand how your "translator " is working in the real moment

2. You need to clearly understand where we are at the time of taking of information and see the options of the developing of events

3. We must remember that the past and the future are multivariate. It would seems absurd: how can the past be multivariate? And if in the relation to the future we can somehow still imagine this fact, how can it be in relation to the past?

These questions we will analyzed on the lessons

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