Is it possible to use technology to read information, or hunting on the witches Part 1

Since ancient times, people have tried to find out:

- What await them tomorrow?

- Will the hunt be successful?

- Where to find the best stocks of berries?

- Will it rain?

- Will it sun?

And intuition in these circumstances was the natural tool of survival, and those, who could accurately answer these and similar questions, were used in the tribe's respect.

However, over time, the change in the structure of social relations has led to the fact that the dominant role and primacy in the society began established not on the basis of real qualities, which are brought advantages to the tribe/society, but on the ability to take a certain place in the hierarchy. In the same time, there was beginning monopolization of the right to use this and many other natural human properties / functions.

If you look, this change is clearly correlated with changes in the attitude to nature and its forces - nature has become perceived not as a natural environment, of which we are a part, but as a hostile structure, which must be fought, which must be subordinated.

Religion appears as a way to control consciousness and begins to form a belittling attitude to all the natural functions of the body. The rules are formed and the rights to use them are established. That is, in fact, people were forbidden to be themselves, to live a natural life. All important and natural functions, such as sex, nutrition, self-defense, the use of intuition began to be regulated from two sides: the rules of the game began to be established by both society and religious norms.

For example servants monotheistic religions proclaimed sex as dirty and women began suspect in the bond with devil. And any dissent was severely suppressed. Is it any wonder that as a result we have a society of people with mental disorders and as a consequence a huge number of people suffering from different psychosomatic diseases?

At the same time, few people think about whom the God is and who is a devil, about which everyone talks?

As an illustration, I would suggest you watch the video for this post, I think you will be interested this view. I am sorry that it is on Russian.

If talk briefly about content of this video, it is talking, that in the Bible text we can find next word, when it tell about humans creating - Elohim, but it is plural form of word Ell or Eloah so we should recognize, that we have deal not with one God but with several. The same situation is with Lucifer. When we begin the analyze text, we should recognize that we wrongly understand who it is. So…we should recognize that during long time we had deal with huge manipulation with consciousness.

And returning to the question of intuition:” is it permissible to use it and its tools or it is really punishable act?”-the answer on this question we will consider in the following posts

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