Is it possible to use technology to read information, or hunting on the witches Part 2

Part 2

So, from the very beginning, person possessed intuition as a built-in tool of interaction with the environment, as well as all living beings on this planet possesses it. And because all living life processes obeys evolution laws, we are all different, and that is the reason why someone have some abilities more pronounced than others.

Naturally, as long as people lived in small groups and somehow all of them were forced to use intuition the difference on this basis was not significant and did not cause much concern.

But as soon as people begin to live in larger settlements, there is a more significant differentiation and then there is a natural allocation of such a professional group as the soothsayers and fortune-tellers.

And the further a person moves away from the natural environment and natural, unregulated relations in his life, the more he needs tools to work with intuition, because in the eyes of others they serve as evidence of the legitimacy of this ability and confirmation of the right and ability to use it.

Hence, there is a manipulative right to determine which tools are allowed and which are not. And who can use them and who cannot. Well, and how.

Note, that arranging a hunting on the witches and banning the use of divination, the Church, however, accepts the existence of prophets, and we have enough evidence that common people had questions to the Holy people/ saints, i.e. asked to help determine the directions of its further life and, in fact, in such situations, the saints played the role of diviners.

Then the question arises: “Why they could, and all the others do not?”

And “What exactly is causing the protest in such case?”

We will discuss these questions in the next post. In the meantime, for all those wishing to take a short test to check your intuitive abilities

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