What training to choose or why my results are not stable??

So ... maybe you are already taken part into courses on the development of abilities, or some training on motivation and self-development, you took an active part in it and on the training you have gotten good results, or maybe not everything was good,but still you were inspired, because after some of exercises you had gotten good results.

But when you came home, and it turned out that you can not repeat the result or it is far from what you had at the training.

You start to worry, try again and again, but...the result does not impress you. You go to another training and the situation repeats itself: the result is not stable. What is it? You can start telling yourself, "Apparently I don't have that kind of talent" or "Apparently I need another coach" or...you can tell yourself anything, and even to obscuration to start training, but the result are still far from the expectations...and maybe you have begun to feel frustrated, which would either make you quit, or look for some new coach

But before you will begin looking for, please, get you time to think: " Why did this happen?"It's really simple: when we are in a group, we change and the group "includes" in us what is not peculiar to us or what we do not know how to use, or what is currently our hidden ability. It works, we get a fleeting effect and on the one hand understand: "Yes, this ability I have!"- and on the other we find ourselves in a situation where we can not hold it…

What to do? If you want to understand whether this technique works, then, of course, in the group you have a chance to quickly feel the result, both in plus and minus, but to get the stability you need to deal either individually or in a group, in which the profiles of each participant are determined and the tasks are selected based on your personal profiles, because then you will get the skills of owning your leading information recognition system, however, in one case, the attention of the trainer/coach will be focused only on you, and in the other you will get less attention

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