Biohacking. Basic principle. Part. 3 Water and ethics of biohacking.

Recently, I have been actively attending various online conferences, watching how different speakers work, looking at what topics people are interested in, and identifying for myself the knowledge that I need. What I noticed? Large variation in scale, from the really serious professionals, to the people, who are quietly exploiting of people's interest to topic , but having very low expertise in the question. It would seem - so what? People are coming! What do you care about that? But it's one thing when it comes to "screw up" site or extra couple of months spent in vain, and quite another thing when it comes about health and on this topic are the people who have high popularity, but earned in the field, which are related to health an extremely remote bound. Do you understand the threat this poses? You can say-people should have a head on their shoulders and they should look: whom to choose as guides and whom to follow. It's none of my business! And if this will be touched someone close to you? Are you ready to confirm this position? So I once again want to draw your attention: in biohacking necessarily the presence of the protocol, the diary of the experiment( as you want to call it!) and let it be decorated crooked and obliquely, on scraps of paper, but it must be and before you talk about something you need to rely either on your own research Protocol or on the protocols of real research published by someone else. You may encounter such phenomena as paid results, or imposed stereotypes, but this is the difference of biohacker's approach to any other! - bio hacking carefully filters information, relying on knowledge, checking and rechecking information. What hurt me so much and angered that I decided to write about it? At one of the conferences, a person, who is very far (judging by his statement) from biohacking, but very well versed in the essence of modern marketing and promotion , at the conference on the occasion of his birthday invites everyone to the course of biohacking and declares that distilled water can not be drunk, but bottled water, you can - and calls the brand. I will not repeat what he called. I will focus on how and what this person says. So - "drinking distilled water is unacceptably" –I can say that in the topic of biohacking for me there are several Central themes, and one of them is the theme of water. So, starting my first experiment, I started with it and checked this thesis: "Distilled water can not drink!»- on myself. Moreover, I have put on also a few another experiments on the topic of water Biophysics on myself and the results will write in another article, here I will focus only on the results of the use of distilled water during the year. So here is, - no negative results! But definitely there are positive, as well as a number of interesting observations: 1. my cat unambiguously chooses distilled water for drinking, although she has is worth and simple 2. plants when watering with this water feel also good 3. if I breed in this water feeding, and compare with the results of plants that are watered feeding diluted in ordinary water, the results in the second case are worse 4. coffee brewed on this water has a completely different taste, and if it is also done correctly and according to a special recipe, then you will not want to drink coffee in any coffee shop, - checked on the my guests The reason why I decided to check this question is very simple - I thought about the problem of transport of substances into the cell and asked the question – why do we need water? The answers are simple, as all ingenious. - and one of them,-water is a universal solvent! And now, please, answer to me : what will you get, if in your body be entering not pure solvent, and the solution? The answer lies on the surface: the chemical reaction between the two solutions! That is, you can either forget about task of dissolution or make an effort to isolate the solvent from the solution! That you and make to do its organism. To make it even more clear, ask yourself: why no one pharmaceutical manufacturer does not put in your ampoules ordinary water, why water for solutions is and sterile and distilled? More details about water we will talk on the course, but in the following articles I will share with you a number of observations. To be continued

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