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The last few years, it has become very fashionable to talk about #development, #self-development, #purpose fulfillment #motivation, but for some reason behind these words, many forget about what lies at the heart of all these things. So today I want to ask you a few questions :" what unites Edison, a three-year-old child and you?"or I will ask in another way:" What is in the basis of any movement forward?» And believe me, I do not want to hear or tell you some banality, but there will be several answers on this question and two of them: " the breaking of the pattern" and "absence the fear to making mistakes." (I will be glad if under the article you write in the comments a few more) I do not know how you are, but I began to notice how this desire for infallibility and ferroconcrete leadership began to break people. Everyone wants an instant result without the right to make a mistake and at the same time waiting for some activity, independence, but then what? And then comes what tried to avoid: a person refuses independence, because we are always at risk of making a mistake and while we are training a new pattern of action, while we are looking for an answer to the question, while we are trying to solving the problem- it is- in the maximum! And until you allow yourself and others the right to make a mistake, the situation will not change and all your good aspirations forward will lead well, if only to the way back… The second point is the internal slavery and escape from yourself ... you can visited till full stupefying all these trainings on #motivation, but all their effects will be minimal and short-term as long as you close your eyes to your addiction. I don't know about you, but I only take one kind of training, one that teaches me freedom. You can even jumping and yelling till full self-zombies on these trainings, but as long as you turn a blind eye to the most important and tinsel of the temporary euphoria are covered your escape from yourself , you will be draining of your money and energy, thinking that you are doing #self-development. You ask me, what does this have to do with biohacking? I answer-simple-this is one of the ways of your drain, one of the points where you pass the control of yourself in the wrong hands, and as I said, for me #biohacking - a system of management of the biological system and man as a system in aims of #biohacker. Therefore, I am interested in it from this point of view. And if you are interested to understand how it all works and stop jumping on the rake-you are welcome-we are with you on the way, and if not - well, everyone has their own way in this world.

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